GR8 Skincare Ambassadors will work with the GR8 Skincare team to spread brand awareness amongst their universities and networks. Each ambassador will promote our products and brand via their personal social media pages as well as creating and posting content on GR8 Skincare’s social media platforms. 


We want to get the GR8 Skincare name out there! We need enthusiastic girls and boys who want to promote our brand. Our PR and Social Media team will work with you to help develop ideas and communicate our brands ideas and values along the way. Our social media and PR professionals will help you gain experience in these fields while you work to create your own campaign.


  • Create content and post on GR8 Skincare’s Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest accounts.

  • Each ambassador must create, execute and run their own event (talk, campus table, product party etc.) at their university or college or on their social media page. Our team will assist in the production of this event. If there are multiple interns at one school you may work to create an event together.



  • Free product!

  • The ability to work in the beauty and health care marketing/PR field 

  • Strengthen your social media, event planning, marketing, PR and strategic planning skills

  • Ability to create your own content, building your resume and portfolio.

  • The entire internship is virtual: meaning all meetings and communication will be done through email so you won't need to leave your campus! 

  • We will provide a letter of recommendation at the end of the ambassadorship for validation on resumes 


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