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The Low Down on Cell Phone Acne

Germaphobes, beware: this little blurb is going to send you running for the Lysol wipes. Nevertheless, we must persist and inform you that your cell phone is probably the germiest thing you own. Yes, your social media machine contains more germs than doorknobs, toilet handles and even public toilet seats. Think about it: all day long, we touch bacteria-laden things (like money, doorknobs, other people's hands, shopping carts, etc.), not to mention that most adults admit to using their phones while using the restroom -- um hello, that's gross!

So we know that germs get all up on your phone, but what happens once they get there? They THRIVE. That's because germs thrive in warm, dark places, and we typically keep our phones in (yep) warm, dark places like our pockets and purses. Our phones heat up on their own anyway from standard use.

Now that we've established your phone is basically the hip new hangout spot for germs, let's talk about what this means for your face.

This means basically two big things:

  1. When you make a call, all that bacteria is transferred from your phone to your cheek, aggravating acne and breakouts.

  2. Anytime you touch your phone (hey I'm just checking Snapchat for the millionth time today), you're transferring bacteria from your phone to your use-to-be-clean hands. Now if you touch your face, you're once again transferring bacteria to your face, aggravating acne and breakouts.

YIKES. So what should you do about it? Here's 5 fast tips to cut down on cell phone breakouts:

  1. Disinfect your phone regularly (make it double-time if you're one of those bathroom scrollers).

  2. Use speakerphone to chat, instead of putting your phone up to your face.

  3. Not a big fan of everyone listening to your conversation? Use headphones with a mic instead of speakerphone.

  4. Cleanse your face regularly (twice a day or more if you're particularly active or a heavy cell phone user) with a non-drying, pH-balanced cleanser like CLEAN.

  5. Cut down on phone time. Simply add fewer germs to your phone by touching it less often. Your eyes and mental health will thank you as well.

Happen to be looking for a non-drying, pH-balanced cleanser?


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