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6 Tips for Athletes to Manage Breakouts

The warm weather is here and it’s time to gear up for the spring sport season! Although we all love this time of year, sweating, dehydration, and wearing sport masks can all cause bad breakouts. So, for all the athletes out there, we want to help you find a solution! Wearing masks cause friction, which essentially results in a breakout. Since the area is dark and sweaty, it breeds bacteria and fungus. It’s extremely important to wash your face immediately after you take your mask off so that bacteria doesn’t stay in your pores all day long. GR8SKN’s clear is an excellent cleanser, with fresh and natural ingredients to keep your skin blemish-free! Another piece of advice we’d like to give to our athletes is to go to a CVS and buy alcohol swabs to consistently wipe down your mask before and after putting it on. This will help keep the mask clean and fresh, minimizing your chances of breaking out.

6 Ways to Treat your Skin Before and After a Game:

  1. Don’t skip the wash! Many people don’t think about washing their face before a game, just afterward. However, sweating with leftover makeup on will do more damage! So, give yourself a quick wash and splash your skin with some cold water to close your pores before your game.

  2. Use Alcohol Swabs! Go to your local drugstore and buy some alcohol swabs to clean your mask or any other gear before and after your game! This way, the sweat and bacteria won’t sink into your mask throughout the day.

  3. Go the Extra Mile! After a long day of exercise and sweat, you deserve to pamper yourself! Make a face mask, use a spot treatment or even hold your head over a hot pot of steam to open your pores!

  4. Exfoliate! Exfoliating is especially beneficial after sweating because the beads will get deep into your pores, preventing blackheads and scrubbing away all of the dirt and bacteria!

  5. Take a Power Nap! Rejuvenate your skin and body after a long game by washing your face and then taking a quick power nap! This will let your cleanser sink in to work effectively. Sleep is always good for keeping your skin young and fresh!

  6. Replace Your Masks! After a while you should buy yourself a new mask because when the sweat gets onto it and sinks in time and time again, it eventually remains there. It’s always refreshing to clean out the old bag and get new gear!

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