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How Essential Medical Workers Can Take Care of Their Skin

Frontline medical workers are experiencing alarming changes in their skin after following rigorous health protocols over the past year. For example, Dr. Dirk Elston discovered that 97% of frontline healthcare workers experienced skin damage due to enhanced prevention measures. These healthcare workers are experiencing a wide variety of skin diseases, such as the acne caused by mask usage and even hand dermatitis due to frequent hand hygiene. Nonetheless, these medical professionals have been putting their work first, despite the irritating and alarming effects of these skin diseases.

The good news is that medical frontliners can cure these skin diseases and prevent further damages through the following tips:

Follow a Post-Duty Skincare Routine

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So if you want to avoid any skin damage due to enhanced prevention measures, you need to follow a proper skincare routine once you finish your duty. This regimen is a good self-care practice after work, plus it will make your skin resilient against any potential damage.

To illustrate, you can prevent acne and irritations around your face by following our guidelines on post mask-wear skincare. After removing your mask, it’s recommended that you cleanse your face with a low-pH cleanser that gently removes any dirt, grime, and bacteria that can cause acne. Then, you can soothe any inflammation, irritation, and redness by applying a soothing clay mask. Finally, improve your skin’s barrier function by nourishing your skin with serums that are rich in vital vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. Use a Vitamin C serum every morning to prevent eczema and rosacea, then apply a Vitamin C serum at night to support your skin’s immunity against bacteria and irritants.

Layer Up on Moisturizing Products

Besides following a preventive skincare regimen, you also need to address any skin damages using the right products. For instance, healthcare workers often get hand dermatitis due to frequent handwashing and prolonged glove usage. Unfortunately, these practices disrupt your skin’s barrier and make it more sensitive to numerous irritants. To strengthen the barrier function of your skin, you need to use hand creams that contain humectants like glycerin and alpha hydroxy acid. Regular application of moisturizing hand creams can reverse the effects of globe macerations and contact dermatitis. Similarly, moisturizers are a great cure for skin damages caused by face masks. The tight fit of these masks can cause friction on your skin and lead to acne, rashes, or even dermatitis. However, you can combat these by using a fragrance-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer that can fortify your skin’s barrier and protect it against irritants.

Consult a Professional Regarding Persistent Skin Issues

As a frontline medical worker, you know the importance of consulting with healthcare professionals when it comes to serious health problems. Once the skin damages have persisted for a long time, get in touch with the right professionals who can address your concerns. Practitioners with healthcare qualifications can provide solutions for rashes, soreness, and irritations. Their knowledge in high-level healthcare topics guides them in assessing the best cures for milder skin concerns. However, you’ll need to consult with a doctor specializing in dermatology if you’re experiencing skin diseases caused by enhanced prevention measures. Dermatologists can create custom skincare routines and prescribe medical products to help combat skin diseases like acne and rosacea. Through the expertise of these healthcare professionals, you can put a stop to skin damages that were caused by enhanced prevention measures. Preventive measurements are essential steps that can safeguard your health against the COVID-19 virus, but these may also cause alarming skin damages. To prevent and cure these skin concerns, follow a post-duty skincare regimen, moisturize your skin frequently, and consult with a professional. This ensures that you are safe from the virus and protected from skin irritants. Exclusively written for by Jill Raven

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