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5 Tips for Heading off to College

Heading off to college can be daunting and scary, but also exciting! Leaving for college means stepping out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, preparing for your future, and most importantly discovering who you are as a person. College is the experience of a lifetime, so we have a few quick tips to make the best of it.

  1. Have the Right Mindset: Not to get all preachy here, but college is about more than just partying. Yes, it's important to make friends, have a strong social life and definitely have fun, but you are ultimately there to better yourself in order to better the world around you. Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." That's some powerful stuff.

  2. Mind the Junk Food: You're free to eat whatever you want! But...don't. Now, we love pizza just as much as you do, but go easy on the high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods. They're a great treat every once in awhile, but they are usually devoid of healthy vitamins and anti-oxidants that your skin needs to keep looking its best.

  3. Pack the Right Clothes: You're about to pack for college, so don't forget your workout clothes. You might not be on the all-star team, but this is the only time in your life you'll have a free gym membership, so take advantage! Plus, exercise helps your skin glow by increasing blood flow and carrying oxygen to your skin cells.

  4. Tackle Laundry Like a Pro: So maybe you're used to Mom's Laundry Service. Have no fear - it's an easy job! Sort by color, read labels (just like you read labels on your skincare products), and do laundry often to stay on top of things. Oh, and our best tip? Hit the laundry room on OFF HOURS (early morning/late at night) to avoid chaos and waiting around.

  5. Sleep Like a Baby: According to a study at Brown University, 73% of college students say they have sleeping problems. Try to avoid too much caffeine and minimize your phone time 30 minutes before bed. Good sleep does wonders for the skin.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments your greatest fears and/or best hacks about heading off to college.

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