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5 Tips for the Best Back 2 School Beauty

Heading back to school means hitting the halls and seeing old friends as well as meeting new friends. This also means you need to put your best face forward. Summer can be rough on your skin and hair, whether it's from too much sun exposure, salt water, chlorine, sweat, dirt, the wrong type of sunscreen, or any combination of the above. Follow these simple tips to get your best look for homeroom.

  1. Deep condition your hair! Between the hot sun, salt water and chlorine, your hair has really taken a beating this summer. Use B4UClean as a hair mask for 30-45 minutes, then clean with a clarifying shampoo. Your hair will be bouncy and radiant as ever.

  2. Get a facial! Go ahead and pamper yourself. A facial will give your skin a nice exfoliation, which is exactly what you need to increase cellular turnover. Check out spas in your area - many of them are probably running back to school specials.

  3. Don't pick that face! Instead, use Reset by GR8SKN. It contains Vitamin B3, which reduces bacterial count and reduces sebum production. That means fewer breakouts.

  4. Get plenty of sleep! Sleep allows the body to rehydrate and also prepare excess water for removal. These processes are crucial for reducing fine lines, dry skin, and puffy eyes.

  5. Exfoliate! If you don't already, exfoliation is a great way to give your skin a boost before your first day of school. Use Clear by GR8SKN, which has fruit acids, which are natural exfoliants. Avoid using harsh scrubs to exfoliate, as they only damage the top layer of your skin.

Heading back to school can seem daunting and scary at times, but with just a small amount of beauty prep (for guys and gals), you'd be amazed at how much confidence you gain, creating a NEW YOU that can conquer anything, even algebra.

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