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5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Skin

  1. It's a Biological Force Field: No, we're not talking Star Wars. Your skin's most important superpower is its ability to protect your body from external enemies: UV radiation from the sun, armies of bacteria trying to make you sick, and mechanical stressors like scrapes and scratches.

  2. It's a Sponge: Because the skin absorbs up to 60% of the substances applied to it, it is a key contributor to hydration; it absorbs moisture. (Be sure to lock in that H20 with a topical lotion like HYDRATE!)

  3. It's a Garbage Disposal: We try to hide it everyday--with deodorant, perfume, and cologne--but your skin excretes smelly odors. It also tries to rid itself of pollutants by pushing them to the surface. Unfortunately, this process also leads to breaks-outs. Try helping your skin out with a spot-treatment like CLEAR.

  4. It's Your Largest Organ: From surface area alone--on average, 20 square feet--you should be thanking your skin more than any other organ in your body!

  5. It's Like a Biological "Snuggie": You may not be covered in fuzzy polar fleece, but your skin helps maintain body temperature.

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