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Spring Cleaning (For Your Skin!)

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

It looks like the groundhog was accurate with his prediction of an early spring this year! It’s been an inconsistent winter as far as weather goes, but we are hoping for beautiful spring temperatures from here on out! This means it’s time to clear your skin, clean out your closets, and wash away the winter blues! The spring is a crucial time to take proper care of your skin because your body is still recovering from a long, dry winter. The low humidity could have caused your skin to feel dull, rough, and flaky. For some people, the dehydration and lack of sun can result in excessive breakouts, which is why we want you to focus on clearing up your skin during the next few months so you will feel bright and confident when stepping onto the beach this summer!

6 Ways to Clear Up Your Skin For the Spring:

  1. Use Our GR8SKN Clear! With Clear you get the best of both worlds! Clear can be used as both a toner and spot treatment! If you catch a blemish coming on, or have an existing spot, simply dab on some Clear overnight to quicken the healing process.

  2. Drink a Lot of Water! We know you’ve heard this before, but many people don’t realize how crucial drinking water is for both your skin and your overall health. We can guarantee that you will see improvements with breakouts and you will feel more energized throughout the day!

  3. Exfoliate! During the warmer months, you can exfoliate more often because your skin isn’t as dry and flaky. However, regardless of the weather, you should be exfoliating twice a week to help unclog your pores and prevent blackheads from forming! Exfoliating is not limited to just your face. It’s also important to get your neck, body, and even lips for soft, smooth skin!

  4. Eat Healthy! Your skin is a reflection of your diet because everything that goes into your body affects your physical appearance. Therefore, it’s very important to be conscious of what you eat. Some delicious spring snacks would include smoothies, almonds and fresh fruit!

  5. Choose a Light Moisturizer! Since there is more moisture in the air during the spring season, you can get away with something oil-free or lighter to prevent clogged pores or the feeling of having a greasy face.

  6. Reboot with a Face Mask! Once a week, possibly a Sunday night or Monday morning, apply our CTRL face mask to refresh your skin for the week! Kaolin and flower oils combine with aloe extract to give you skin that feels baby-soft, but is stronger than ever before.

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