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Battle Dry Skin

...with this nightly routine!

Winter can be a magical time of year, whether you're ice skating, building a snowman, or just cuddling up in front of a nice cozy fire. However, winter does come with some drawbacks, namely dry, brittle skin. Follow these simple steps every night to have soft, smooth, moisturized skin!

1. Turn down the water temperature in the shower!

Yeah, ending a cold winter day with a steamy, hot shower is one of the best parts about the season, but do you know what that hot water is doing to your skin? Steam when used in spas for facials helps to open pores, but that steam is much cooler than the steam that comes from your scalding hot shower. Our bodies adjust to the temperature, but the only thing that it is doing to our skin is drying it out.

2. Moisturize right when you step out of the shower.

We recommend using "The Oil" as an after-shower moisturizer. Make sure your skin is dry and fully rub "The Oil" into skin. Oil-based moisturizers help lock in moisture and make the skin hydration last longer than water-based moisturizers. Note: It works great after shaving!

3. Switch up your fabrics.

Silk and cotton are much softer on the skin, so by swapping out your pillow cases for silk or cotton cases and making sure your towels are 100% cotton, you will be doing your skin a huge favor in the long run. Rougher fabrics are too abrasive and will lead to irritated, dried-out skin. Note: Silk pillowcases will also help prevent wrinkles!

4. Use a moisturizing night cream.

Your skin completely resets itself over night, so take this time to let the hydration really soak in. We recommend applying our Hydrate moisturizer and then our antioxidant night serum, Reset at night. For optimum over-night moisturizing, combine Reset with "The Oil" and reap the benefits of hydrated skin.

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