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Skin Tips for Athletes

You already know that exercise is important—whether you hear it from your running suit-wearing gym teacher or from some enviable Instagram fitness expert. Of course, the best kind of exercise is the kind that you don't even perceive, like playing sports. Just think: when you are running down-field to score that goal or diving into your lap lane, are you thinking "Wow, I'm getting a really great cardio work-out"? No, you are immersed in the athletic experience; the fitness benefits are subconscious.

Unfortunately, just as you are unaware of these health benefits, you're also probably unaware of the potential skin problems that you might be causing. Tennis: You don't wear helmets, and you spend all day in the sun. Be sure to apply—and reapply—sunscreen during practice and matches. Soccer: Wearing one of those headbands that all the European "footballers" are sporting? You might be Euro-chic, but pinning that sweat-soaked band to your forehead might produce some unwanted breakouts. Right after you guzzle your Gatorade, wash your face. Baseball: Those hats and helmets may minimize sun exposure, but they are also the perfect recipe for clogged pores—especially around your hairline. Be sure to wash as soon as practice is over. Golf: You may not be breaking a sweat, but golf tournaments are usually an all-day affair, which means you're soaking up plenty of UV radiation. Screen, screen, screen! Swimming: Contrary to what you might think, that cool, crystal water you're slicing through with your butterfly stroke is actually drying your skin out. Make sure to moisturize regularly.

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