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5 Ways to Show You Care on Valentine's Day (For Your BF, GF or Your BFF)

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine's Day, in all its red-and-pink-heart glory, comes barreling at us like a freight train every year. Cupid and his arrow are everywhere, and everyone is shoving mystery chocolates in your face. Okay, maybe we're being a bit dramatic, but whether you love it or hate it, here's some fun ways to get through Valentine's Day with your BF, GF or your BFF.

1. Give Them a Facial

Everyone loves a nice relaxing day at the spa, but why not save a buck and do it at home? Show your lovey (or BFF) you care by giving them a skin-boosting facial. You don't need to be an expert esthetician either. GR8/SKN has a perfect Valentine's Day kit that has everything need to give a rockstar facial. The kit comes with three products (a cleanser, a triple-clay mask, and a moisturizer). Simply cleanse, apply the mask for 10 minutes, remove the mask with a damp washcloth, and gently massage the face while applying the moisturizer.

2. Wake Them Up With Breakfast/Coffee

There's nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh crackling bacon or freshly-brewed coffee -- or both! Show your significant other (or bestie) you care by bringing them their favorite breakfast sandwich and their signature coffee order just as they're waking up.

3. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Nothing says fun like going on a wild treasure hunt around the house, dorm, or even the city. Leave notes with clues that take them to all your favorite places to hang. Make proper use of inside jokes and references only the two of you would understand.

4. Give Them a Hand or Foot Massage

The sweet relief of a great foot massage is not to be understated. And hand massages are just simply pure indulgence. Show you care by taking the time to give your special someone a nice massage. Use "The Oil" by GR8/SKN for a great-smelling, paraben-free massage oil.

5. Write Them a Poem

Channel your inner Shakespeare, and show that you care by writing a poem for your beloved. Make it funny, sweet, or mushy - that's up to you. Be sure to highlight their best qualities and your favorite shared memories. Alternate idea: Cover their dorm room with Post-it Notes with words of affirmation, telling them how awesome they are. Maybe even hide one in a book, so they'll find it much later.

Valentine's Day isn't just for romantic lovers; it's for best friends too. Enjoy these tips, and share your own Valentine's Day ideas in the comments!

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