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What Happens When You Pop A Pimple?

Essentially a pimple is a combination of sebum, fatty acids and bacteria contained in a little sac called the sebaceous gland. Squeezing a pimple incorrectly, or when it's not ready, can cause this sac to rupture into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation, infection and even long term scarring. A pimple that is very yellow and really superficial can be gently squeezed with clean hands, and preferably by lancing it first. Ideally by a professional. A pimple will generally run its life cycle of 3-7 days, squeezing it causes inflammation and then it takes longer to heal. Using gentle products with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree oil, mandelic acid, willow bark and vitamin A, will not only help a pimple heal more quickly, but help prevent the long term complications of scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It also helps using a cleanser with the same pH of the skin. This stops the acne bacteria from moving deeper into the sebaceous gland where the are no longer commensial flora but foreign bodies triggering the development of the pimple.

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