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Been to the Dermatologist ... Now What?

How many of you have been to the dermatologist, received tons of creams & meds, and been told to go to CVS and buy a cleaner & general moisturizer?

The key to successful treatment of acne by the dermatologist is SUPPORTIVE skin care that helps the skin through the dry, irritated phase and protects it with a good SUNSCREEN!

Supportive products for acneic skin under medical treatment:

1. A gentle cleanser that does not strip the skin and does not leave it with after-wash tightness. A good cleanser on its own can significantly improve the quality of the skin.

2. A supportive moisturizer that does not leave the skin oily, but supports the barrier function with essential Omega 3's and reduces dehydration. This moisturizer should also contain Vitamin C to help prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne scarring and have an array of anti-oxidants to fight the free radical onslaught from the environment as well as chemicals in other products.

3. Sunscreen! All medication for acne causes sun sensitivity. The most important part of ensuring your skin's health is protecting it from the sun's rays which can cause hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. Reapply often!

4. A wide-brimmed hat and protective clothing. The meds can effect all the skin over the body!

Remember: Good, supportive skin care can make all the difference.


Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser


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