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1 Tan Please, Hold the Cancer

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital are working on a theory that could change skin cancer altogether.

Typically, there has been only one way to get a real tan, and that's exposure to UV light. Of course, exposure to UV light is harmful and actually damages the skin. Because skin is super smart, the skin creates melanin in response to the damage caused by the UV light. This melanin is what makes you tan.

The hot new drug from these researchers would allow your skin to skip the whole UV-exposure-and-skin-damage thing and go straight for the melanin production.

This. Is. So. Important.

Why? Because not only are you preventing skin damage by avoiding UV exposure, you are also adding a natural layer of UV protection to your skin, like a natural sunscreen. It's a double-win. For years now, people have been getting spray tans or using other bronzing products to make the skin appear darker, but that does not create the melanin that actually protects the skin.

This solution is the best of everything. You get a real tan and the protection of a real tan without the long-term damage, skin cancer, and aging affects.

Hats off (well, keep them on to protect your skin!) to this team for totally revolutionizing the way we approach skin cancer.

This drug is not on the market yet, but you can use Screen by GR8/SKN in the meantime to keep your skin UV-protected all summer long.


SPF 30 UVA & UVB Sunscreen


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