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Hyperpigmentation & How to Fix it

Hyper-WHAT?! Hyperpigmentation is a big fancy word that basically means discoloration of the skin, usually due to too much sun exposure. The ultra violet radiation causes your skin to produce more melanin in order to protect you from the sun, and the extra melanin transfers up to the surface of your skin.

Unlike a tan that typically fades a little over time, hyperpigmentation can leave unwanted dark spots on your skin that are very difficult to get rid of.

If you're starting to notice dark spots on your skin, your body is telling you it's a little overworked. Follow these steps to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation in your life:

  1. Block Those Rays! Step 1 is simple; block UV light to prevent it from making more damage. (Try Screen.) This means not only sunscreen but also sunglasses and sun-protective clothing. Also, sun umbrellas are very in.

  2. Phenylalanie. This amino acid is great for disrupting the hyperpigmentation process. Phenylalanie can be found in eggs, chicken, liver, beef, milk, and soybeans. Chow down!

  3. Topical Vitamin C. Apply moisturizers and serums that are rich in Vitamin C (like Hydrate). This vitamin is known to disrupt the hyperpigmentation process, just like phenylaline. Vitamin C is also praised as a skin-brightener.

  4. Anti-Oxidants. Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, like blueberries, dark chocolate, pecans, artichoke, cranberries & more. Also look for a topical serum with anti-oxidants (like Reset).

  5. Vitamin B. Once again, this is another vitamin that simply disrupts the process of hyperpigmentation.

  6. Topical Vitamin A. This vitamin (instrumental in general skincare, as well) helps to stabilize melanocytes in your skin. Also available in Reset.

Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to treat, but it IS possible with consistent treatment. Keep your skin protected and healthy this summer.


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