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Transgenerational Effects of Toxic Skincare

It is common knowledge that when pregnant women are exposed to harmful chemicals, the fetus can suffer the consequences. Expecting mothers who smoke cigarettes, for example, commonly give birth to premature and/or underweight babies. Because of effects like this, it is highly recommended that pregnant women avoid pesticides in their food and hormone-disruptors (like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, oxybenzone, etc.) in their personal care products.

However, new research from Mohan Manikkam & Michael Skinner of Washington State University at Pullman suggests that the problem of pre-natal exposure to toxic chemicals has much further-reaching consequences than previously thought.

In this study, pregnant rats* were exposed to toxins that humans commonly use (bug repellent, plastics additives, and jet fuel). The GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN of these pregnant rats showed increased signs of toxic exposure, including early onset of puberty and fewer eggs/sperm, despite having no toxic exposure themselves. This clearly has alarm bells going off in our heads!

The best advice from EWG is to eat clean and use clean, no-nasties skincare like GR8/SKN for healthy generations to come.

*GR8/SKN does NOT support animal testing.

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