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College Skincare Tips

Whether you're going to college as a freshman, or going back as a seasoned veteran of college life, it's important to have some good skincare tips in your back pocket. Follow these tips to put your best face forward on campus.

  1. Take Extras. When you pack your favorite cleanser, moisturizer, night serum, etc., make sure to pack an extra set. College life is busy, so by the time you realize you've run out of your supplies, it might be too late. Plus, everyone knows that on-campus mail rooms can get a little hairy sometimes. 😬

  2. Eat Your Way to Clear Skin. Yesss, it's great to be able to eat whatever you want in the dining hall, but a steady diet of pizza and soda will not be doing any favors for your skin. Your skin craves a diversity of foods; search out colorful veggies, omega-3s (salmon, chia & avo), probiotics, and healthy fruits for desserts.

  3. Drink More Water. Water? Yeah, we're kind of obsessed with it. Your body needs a LOT of water every single day. Roughly 8 glasses, but more if you're active and/or enduring the heat of the summer. Not a fan of water? Spice it up with lemon, berries, and/or mint. Our favorite? Snag some cucumbers slices from the dining hall salad bar, store them in your mini fridge freezer, and voila - you have flavor-packed, fancy ice cubes.

  4. De-Stress. Stress-related hormones can send your skin into a frenzy, causing nightmarish breakouts. All of a sudden, you're stressing over your breakouts, and the cycle seems to never end. We know it's easier said than done, but find time to relax with friends, go for a run, whatever helps you de-stress.

  5. Monthly Facials. Yes, in your dorm room. With the GR8/SKN products you already have. Get the DIY facial guide below...


Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser



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Rebooting Night Treatment


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