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8 Multi-Purpose Skincare Products for Students on a Budget

When you’re at school worrying about every little expense, spending $100s on skincare is probably the last thing you’re planning on doing, right? It’s just not realistic to have every latest “magical” potion on the market in your skincare arsenal.

So what’s a student on a budget to do?

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t take a back burner while at school (with all the stress and all!), so a great alternative is to embrace multi-purpose skincare. That is, skincare that serves more than just one purpose and saves you a ton of money at the same time. A good skincare product is like a Swiss Army Knife - helpful under many different circumstances!

The following eight GR8 products all have the benefits of multitasking for your skin and body!

Our vitamin-infused lip balm works overtime and has many uses other than keeping your lips protected from the elements. It can also be quite useful as a lip plumper, base for your lipstick, brow balm, and even as a cheek highlighter.

The purifying and skin balancing power of our daily facial cleanser is also excellent for keeping your chest and back cleansed, keeping pores in check, and acts as a great makeup remover while killing off unwanted intruders on your skin.

Free from salicylic acid, this non-drying toner works to get rid of spots while preventing new breakouts. You’ll also see great results using this toner as a mini 3-minute peel, as well as a pore refiner.

More than just a soothing face mask, CTRL can also be used as a quick spot treatment for pesky pimples! If your skin is inflamed, this mask doubles down overnight when you apply a thin layer while sleeping…just remember to wash off in the morning. You can reap even more benefits from CTRL when using it as a cleanser (small quarter-sized amount) and even a lip scrub - bye-bye dry, cracked lips. We really love CTRL, can't ya tell?

Our multi-vitamin serum nourishes the skin without leaving it greasy (no one loves that) and can also be used as a makeup primer so your makeup goes on smoother, and lasts longer.

The gentle dose of vitamin A in our Reset serum makes it a perfect companion for improving your complexion. Use it as a night-time serum to treat and prevent breakouts, as an anti-aging cream for young skin, or simply to soothe sunburned (or windburned) skin. Reset can also be used as a lip plumper!

Most commonly used as a sunscreen, this chemical-free product can also be used as a daily moisturizer and primer for makeup. Bonus? Make yourself smell great with the help of watermelon extract!

An oil that can be used all over your skin and body? Yes, please! Thanks to hempseed and argan oils, this delicious-smelling oil can be used for a variety of purposes on your skin including pre-cleanser, makeup remover (especially for long-lasting lipsticks), deep moisturizer (including your cuticles!), as a massage oil, a hair & scalp mask, a bath oil, and even a post-shave oil to soothe skin after you shave. Wow that's a lot of uses. We'll take 2 please!

With the help of these 8 products, you’ll not only save a ton of money, but you’ll have an entire skin (and body) care army at your side. Have another use for one of these products? We’d love to hear ‘em! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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