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Hydrating Your Skin With Natural Oils

Have you ever considered using natural oils on your face? Due to its greasy association, many people believe oils are bad for your skin, when in fact they are a popular and promising beauty essential. It’s very detrimental to strip the natural oil from your face and can cause excessive dryness and tightened skin. Pure oils maintain moisture, clear breakouts, and provide you with a healthy glow.

The process of choosing the best oils to suit your skin may be overwhelming and confusing because there are so many options, but we are here to inform you! Hempseed oil, andiroba oil, and shea butter are specifically valuable to achieving a flawless face!

Hempseed oil has a number of health benefits. It contains sources of fatty acids, Vitamins A & E, and additional anti-oxidants. The oil brings extra oxygen to your skin, which can help when treating eczema, dryness, or any other skin irritations.

If you’ve never heard Organic Andiroba Oil, it’s time you become familiar with it! This oil can solve many problems regarding troubled skin because it’s an anti-inflammatory that’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This is necessary for healing wounds, treating swelling, and reducing the development of pigmentation.

If you struggle with blemishes, wrinkles, or redness, we highly recommend investing in some shea butter! This is a fantastic moisturizer with unique healing properties due to its cinnamic acid and richness in Vitamins D & E.

"The Oil" by GR8/SKN incorporates all three of these oils in one, for the purpose of keeping your skin clean and clear without harsh, artificial ingredients!

4 Best Methods for Applying Oils to Your Face:

  1. Mix into your moisturizer. Take a dime-sized amount of oil along with your daily moisturizer, mix together in the palm of your hand, and apply it to your face in the morning and before bed!

  2. Use as a cleanser. Before wetting your skin, pour a quarter-sized amount of oil into your hand and rub gently in circular strokes around your face. This will effectively remove makeup as well, so no need to wash twice!

  3. Rub under eyes. Shea butter is especially effective in preventing wrinkles. Apply a small amount under your eyes as a nighttime treatment!

  4. Enhance your face mask. Oil can easily be mixed into your face mask concoction for an additional remedy to a bad breakout or extreme dryness! Even a couple drops can make a big difference!

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