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Vital Vitamins in Your Skincare Routine

The three key at-home skin care principles should be: Calibrated Cleansing, Vital Vitamins, and Proper Protection. Today we will focus on Vital Vitamins.

Vital Vitamins. Most people still talk about skincare in terms of moisturizers and serums, when they should really have an understanding that these are just the delivery mechanisms to deliver essential nutrients to the skin. Everyone needs topical Vitamin C & anti-oxidants every morning and topical Vitamins A, C, E & anti-oxidants every evening.

The most Vital Vitamins are:

Vitamin A can be equated to being the conductor of an orchestra with the skin reflecting that perfect symphony when it has sufficient levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A, in any of its various forms, is vital for the following functions:

  • Cellular renewal and the speed at which the skin cells turn over.

  • Supporting skin immunity.

  • Managing the dispersion of the melanocytes in hyperpigmentation (dark spots on skin).

  • Managing the skin's production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

  • Controlling sebum production.

  • Working as a hormone, normalizing the cellular function.

Vitamin C is equally as important because without it, our collagen would be brittle and non-existent. Vitamin C, in any of its various forms does the following:

  • It is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps fight the effect of pollution on the skin.

  • It is essential in the production of collagen.

  • It helps prevent hyperpigmentation.

  • It boosts the natural SPF function in the skin.

  • It surrounds all the blood capillaries and prevents them from breaking.

Topical vitamins are vital to your skin care routine, as these vitamins address most skin issues: hyperpigmentation, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, eczema, rosacea, premature aging. Use Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A in the evening for an optimum daily routine.

Now that you're totally educated on what Vital Vitamins are & why they're so important, why not try our vitamin-rich super-serum? Reset will penetrate your skin with Vital Vitamins A & C (yes, both) to keep your skin balanced and nourished.

This lovely serum works overtime (so you don't have to). Its uses include:

  • Night serum to treat and prevent breakouts

  • Anti-aging cream for young skin

  • Apply to sunburns to soothe skin within hours

  • Apply to lips to plump lips

  • Pore refiner

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