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Post-Sunburn Remorse: The Solution

We all have regrets. Maybe it's the half dozen donuts you downed on your coffee break. Perhaps it's choosing to major in English literature your freshman year in college instead of going into the business school like everyone else. Or maybe it's forgetting to put sunscreen on your shoulders before going body surfing at the Jersey shore. While we don't have much advice about fried, circular confections or about majoring in the Humanities, we can give you some tips on what to do if you find yourself in dreaded post-sunburn agony.

Hydrate: This one is simple. Got a sunburn? Guzzle some water. The burn pulls water from your core to the surface of your skin; you'll want to replenish your internal reservoir. Try to avoid dehydrating drinks like soda, coffee, and alcohol. Stick with water and if you'd like, flavor it with lemon, cucumber, mint, fruit, or ginger.

Moisturize: Trap whatever water you can by applying a high-quality moisturizer. Hydrate is not so much a moisturizer as it is a dermatological superfood. Nevertheless, rich with vitamins, it delivers all of the nourishment your skin needs after a bad baking session. Get it here!

Neutralize: UV rays are packed with harmful free-radicals and quick to damage the actual DNA of your skin cells. Apply a rebooting serum like Reset to neutralize these free-radicals with anti-oxidants and also reboot your skin's DNA with Vitamin A before more damage sets in.

Take Cover: This one might be a little tricky (especially if you're vacationing in the Bahamas) but once you're burned, try to stay out of direct sunlight. Rent or buy a big beach umbrella, don a wide-brimmed hat, and hug the shade! Continuing to use your daily SPF is also a must.

Preventing sunburn is the best way to keep your skin safe. But pobody's nerfect, so be sure to treat excessive sun exposure properly and quickly to minimize the damage. Shop post-sun superstars here.

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