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3 Foods to Help You Detox

Let's be honest with ourselves. We consume a lot of metaphorical garbage: processed sandwich meat with questionable origins, sugar-infused energy drinks that decompose your teeth faster than you can say "root canal," and of course the occasional deep-fried doughnut.

Ready for a change? Ready to detoxify your body? Here are three super-foods to help you do just that.

Cranberries: These guys are great antioxidants. This means that they help battle molecules called "free radicals," which can cause damage to your cells. Try them dried in salads or toss them in your go-to smoothie recipe.

Garlic & Onions: Sure, you might need a few sticks of gum after consumption, but garlic and onions are rich in sulfuric compounds, and they manufacture their own anti-oxidants.

Water: There is no hope for detoxing if the pollutants are just sitting in your system. Consume 8-10 glasses of water a day to flush your body. Don't worry about having to rush to the bathroom; that's the goal.

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