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5 Tips for Halloween Makeup

With shows like “The Walking Dead,” it’s no wonder that everyone is clambering to be some variety of zombie for Halloween: a zombie nurse, a zombie army officer, a zombie cheerleader. For those who prefer something a little less gruesome, the elaborate Día de los Muertos getups are also wildly popular. 

Unfortunately, both of these costumes—and a host of others—require significant amounts of makeup. We're not talking about a little eyeliner and blush, but layers and layers of thick, cake makeup. Here are a few tips to keep your reflection the next morning from being scarier than your costume.

  1. Invest in your makeup. Don’t buy the cheap makeup palettes you find at Halloween stores. These products are often “comedogenic,” meaning they clog pores. They are also laden with toxic metals like lead and cadmium as well as nasty ingredients like toluene, styrene, ethylbenzene, and vinyl acetate. Instead, purchase higher quality theatrical makeup (we suggest Elegant Minerals). It might cost a little more in the beginning, but think of the money you can save on an extra trip to the dermatologist.

  2. Test it out. Before you begin plastering your face with makeup, test it out on a small area of your skin other than your face, like the inside of your elbow. This will alert you to any sort of allergic reaction or inflammation the makeup may cause.

  3. Get a barrier. Before slathering on that thick green makeup base, apply a barrier cream. This will prevent even non-comedogenic products from getting into your pores.

  4. Remove it! When All Hallow’s Eve is coming to an end, it can be temping to climb into bed, telling yourself that you will wash your face (and your pillowcase!) tomorrow. If you do this, however, you have more to worry about than laundry. Be sure to remove all makeup as soon as the festivities are over to avoid potential irritation. 

  5. Deep cleanse! Don't just rely on your normal end-of-day routine for cleansing your face. Oil is the ultimate cleanser, so get on board! Pre-cleanse your skin with an oil (we suggest "THE OIL" by GR8 Skincare) and remove with a pH balanced cleanser (like CLEAN by GR8 Skincare).

The most important rule? Have fun and be safe!

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