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Where you breakout says a lot about your diet

Many of you have experienced the unwanted, irritating, and even debilitating effects of acne breakouts. You may be loving that COVID mask as it covers all sorts of bumps and blackheads! Or, maybe you even have the dreaded mask-ne? You may also have tried numerous products - only to see no results. Can we let you in on a little secret? The area of your face where your breakouts most often occur can actually explain why you are breaking out. It sounds crazy, but just keep reading; you’re bound to relate to at least one of these!


Your forehead is linked to your digestive system, so if you’re munching on chips and cookies on the regular and continuously struggle with forehead pimples, then you may want to lay off the oily carbs and replace it with healthy snacks that benefit the digestive system. Try foods rich in prebiotics like bananas, kimchee, and fermented foods, and add a hefty dose of probiotics, either in tablet form or food like kefir and yoghurt. Another cause of forehead zits may be from wearing caps, wooly hats, and headbands. Don't forget that using heavy hair care products, gels, and sprays can also clog pores. Opt for natural hair care products, and be sure to thoroughly rinse your shampoo/conditioner before you exit the shower. Also wash your hats frequently!!


Are you even a human if you don’t have blackheads on your nose? Your nose is actually linked to your hormones and your heart. The nose is often the first area to show signs of blackheads and sebum build up. Make sure you eat cleansing and hydrating foods, like loads of water, health herbal tea, and detoxifying fruits and veggies. Hello: cucumber, celery, apples and whoa: red meat and spicy foods!


This is a common area to break out, but the most common reason is a sluggish lymph system and bacteria overgrowth! Dirty, gross makeup brushes may be the culprit of blemishes on the cheeks, so if yours haven’t seen water and brush cleaner in a while, now may be a good time to give them a good scrub. Sometimes just proper calibrated cleansing can help fix this annoying problem. This area is also linked to the respiratory system, so lay off the smoking, and exercise at least a few times a week to keep yours healthy and glowing.


The reason? Hormones of course. Hormonal changes are the most likely cause of pesky breakouts on the chin and along the jawline, and not always an easy fix. Diet, exercise, and eating organically will help. Organic meat, chicken, dairy, and fish are a must!

Between the Brows

This area is linked to food allergies such as lactose intolerance, so if this is where you most commonly break out, you may want to start keeping a food diary to start figuring out what needs to leave your diet for good.

Using the right products is also essential when dealing with breakouts, as many simply aggravate the skin and contribute to severe dryness. The Essential Exfoliation Kit is a must if you’re looking to clear up blemishes fast, without interfering with your skin’s delicate moisture balance.

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