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How Long Does It Take for Products to Work?

Patience is a virtue. We've heard that a thousand times, but in order to see results from a new skincare product, just how patient do we have to be? 

To see results from most products, you will need to wait roughly 3 to 4 skin cycles. The length of a skin cycle varies depending on the person: a skin cycle might be about 28 days for young, healthy skin, but could be 50+ days for more mature skin. Sun exposure, pollution, and aging all slow down skin cycles.

Interested in speeding up your skin cycle? Help shorten your skin cycle with gentle exfoliation (using alpha hydroxy acids/fruit acids) and Vitamin A. 

The Science Behind It

3 to 4 skin cycles may seem arbitrary, but it's not. When trying out a new product, that product starts making changes in the deepest, basal layer of your epidermis. That layer slowly rises up to the top layer of your epidermis, one layer at a time. Invest now - reap the benefits later. 

Different Types of Results

Those seeking skincare solutions for conditions related to the surface of the skin (like clogged pores) will see faster results, typically around 6 weeks or 1 skin cycle. 

However, improvements related to skin texture, pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, acne, and sebum production all happen at the deepest, basal layer of the skin. Thus, improvements are usually not seen until 3-4 skin cycles (4-5 months). 

Tips for Results

  1. Do not give up! This goes without saying, but routine and consistency are instrumental in making big changes in your skin. If you try something for 2 weeks and give up because you haven't seen any changes yet, you're not giving your basal skin cells enough time to show what they can do. 

  2. Take pictures! It can be very difficult to see subtle changes in skin over long periods of time. Taking pictures along the way can help you see the improvements you seek. 

Making improvements in your skin takes time, dedication, and consistency - just like exercising. One workout will not give you the results you're looking for. It's important to make fitness (and good skincare!) a priority in your life for good.

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