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How Sodium Affects Your Skin

What's the best part of any movie-going experience? Everyone knows it's the popcorn; that buttery, salty, delectable snack seems to transform a movie into a full-blown event. But your skin (and body) will pay the price. Why?

Sodium. Most people in the US should get less than 1,500 mg of sodium per day. Compare the recommended intake with average actual intake of 3,466 mg of sodium, and you can see there's no shortage of salty foods. A diet with excess sodium has the following negative effects:

  • Increased Blood Pressure. This leads to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

  • Bloat & Puffy Eyes. Excess sodium causes the body to retain water, causing bloating around the stomach and puffy eyes. 

  • Dehydrated, Dull Skin. Too much sodium can interfere with the homeostasis of the body by pulling water in and out of skin cells. This worsens dehydration, making skin dull and lackluster. 

To maintain a healthy body and healthy skin, limit your sodium intake by avoiding processed & prepared foods (like takeout, lunch meat, frozen meals, etc.), and instead focus on eating whole, natural foods. 🥗

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