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My New Years Resolutions - a first for me!

Let’s be real- how many of you reading this make a New Years resolution and keep it? I am certainly guilty of not always following through with mine, and I was trying to think of why that is? Perhaps, it’s because I made them flippantly, and didn’t always measure their lasting value to me or my ability to sustain them. The saying goes that great things are born of change. This past year and pandemic was full of change and it reinforced three very important things to me; the value of time, health and working to create positive outcomes.

The first one, time, is not an infinite commodity. Time was a thief this year, depriving us of so many milestone celebrations and more; time not spent with loved ones, family and friends; time spent in the same space for months on end; important events untimely cancelled and never to be reclaimed again. On the flip side, there was deliciousness in the slowing down of time, and time available to me that I had not prioritized before. Previously, I had spent my time on needless commuting, tidying and the frenzy of getting and spending and consumerism. So, my first goal this year is to savor each wonderful minute and spend my time more mindfully.

The second thing I became more (mildly) obsessed with is my own health; both physical and emotional. I am always advising, reading and learning more about preventative health measures (which is particularly relevant when there is a pandemic)! More often than not, I am running through life way over the speed limit, between managing work, business, home, children, and other responsibilities and tend to neglect my own healthy lifestyle. I am by no means unhealthy, but having had the time to reflect on the shortcuts I take, and excuses I find, I am now taking ownership of being able insure I eat even better, that I exercise every day and above all, that I practice daily relaxation techniques. A little timeout and digital detox is also on the list!

The third thing I learned this year is that nothing is predictable, and we must learn to expect it and find our groove. Some constants I have come to nurture and value are our ability give to each other, to be supportive, and to adapt. Growing a business has had its challenges in ‘normal’ times- and this past year has came with its own unique obstacles. But, there were also opportunities. Spas closed down, the factory shut, and shipping was unpredictable. So we partnered with spas to drop ship, removed shipping costs and packed product from wherever we were to make sure we could keep supplying product to everyone. We reformulated the sunscreen due to regulation changes, introduced two new products and continued to adapt and work around whatever came our way.

Being a relatively new company, this year I am adopting the approach that change is good and am strengthened in my resolve to continue delivering the best quality and healthy skincare products to you. We will be updating the formulas and ingredients to include the lasted eco-certified and effective raw materials, and will continue with the excellent customer service you have come to expect and more.

Personally, I don’t want a new year and a new me. I want a stronger, wiser and better me. 2020 was filled with change and uncertainty for all of us, and it was a change over which we had no control. My goal for 2021 is to resolve on working on improving the things that only I have control over- the way I spend my time, my health and the products I make for you.

Wishing you a very good and healthy year ahead.


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