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Skip Tan Now - Save Money (& Life!) Later

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Tanning. In case you're new here, we're not big fans of it (see this). There are heaps -and heaps- of studies outlining the dangers of UV exposure, particularly that of artificial tanning beds, but here's one more piece of compelling evidence.  Researchers in this study compiled data to estimate what would happen if the U.S., Canada, and Europe banned indoor tanning altogether. Their data is staggering. Here's what they predict would happen if the U.S. and Canada banned the practice:

What's more, the ban would save 428,781 life-years and $3.5 billion in medical and other related expenses. They also estimate that productivity would increase, resulting in gains of $27.5 billion They argue that while many states in the U.S. have banned indoor tanning for minors, it's not enough. The risks of tanning bed exposure are a hazard to all skin, including people in their 20s and 30s, who are certainly not strangers to social pressure of having an ideal body image.

The numbers from this study clearly demonstrate that skin cancer risk can be seriously mitigated by simply avoiding indoor tanning. We think your skin color is perfect just the way it is, but if you must have a sun-kissed glow, we recommend seeking sunless tanning lotion instead of harmful UV rays. However, be very wary that many sunless tanning lotions contain toxic chemicals that can disrupt hormones. We recommend using the Think Dirty app to find a safe sunless tanner. NKD SKN brand sunless tanning products consistently have a 0 rating (safest) from Think Dirty.

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