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Trend Toward Multi-Use, Effective Skincare

Futurologists and economists all predict future trends. Trends imply a movement in a changing direction but does not stipulate the duration of that trend. We are currently in the CBD/natural/organic/sustainable trend, but we are also in the million dollar indie beauty trend where brands compete on speed to market, with little thought to efficacy of product. The trend is a glutton of small marketing companies pushing for the limelight and the big buyout.

We predict the current trend to be that of a more educated, involved, and conscientious consumer. Call us naive, but we believe in the next generation who really do want to save the planet. Does that mean they will stop using products? Absolutely not, but they will be more cognitive in their choices and will be selective of criteria that have to be met. Long gone are bathroom shelves lined with several dozen throwaway products.

Enter the multi-use product, that is sustainable sourced, environmentally friendly and above all, effective. The idea is not a one-product-fits-all concept, but more a one-product-has-many-uses-for-different-skin-types. Facial oil products are a great example, only being used previously by dry, mature, and dehydrated skin. Oils are in fact a great multi-use product encompassing these uses:

  • Cleanser for both oily and dry skin (same effect but different mechanism)

  • Make-up remover

  • Moisturizer for dry skin

  • Treatment for dehydrated, acneic skin

  • Beard softener

  • Shaving aid

  • Hair/scalp treatment 

  • Cuticle softener

  • Pre-swim barrier to prevent dry skin

Brands should be moving away from an unending line of complicated products and more towards a small number of focused products catering to multiple skin needs.

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